Peace Out… ✌️

” PEACE begins with a SMILE ”

– Mother Teresa

What does PEACE ✌️really means for individuals?

Peace is being in home where there is happiness, love😘, affection🤗 and understanding around us. It depends on how individual wishes to be.

Listening to song which you like getting lost into it.

Peace is listening to one’s own heart❤️ and being happy about doing good deeds and right action.

Peace has many meanings to it, which eventually leads to world peace.

If people start to think about the inner peace and satisfaction, it would let the world peace to evolve automatically.

Like wise for Christmas brings peace in individuals, the mind of sharing and giving to each other.

So lets enjoy this Christmas season of 2017 and share and spread love😘 to everyone.

📷: Peace ✌️|Christmas 🎄

📍: Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Signing off,

Independent_voyager 🙂

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